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If you’ve been to Bali you’ve seen the big amount of strays roaming the streets and beaches. Dogs are found everywhere on the island. Some of the dogs roaming around are not actual strays. They are owned and belong somewhere, but their owners aren’t able to care for their pets properly. Malnutrition and diseases are the result.

With our daily feeding program, we make sure that those strays have one nutritious meal a day. In addition we treat them regularly for skin parasites and worms. If they fall sick, we get them treated in the clinic. And they all got sterilized and castrated as part of our on-going sterilization program.

We have very special bonds with our strays. We love them to bits as if they are our own pets.

What all once started with the feeding of a hand full of strays and locally owned pets is now up to 200 dogs every single day.

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