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Rescue: December 2017

Diagnosis: Parasites, Malnutrition, Skin Disease, Distemper



​​Oreo's rescue was one of the last minute. He has been dumped in the middle of a very busy traffic intersection. Screaming in panic, he was in the midst of hundreds of motorbikes and cars rushing past him. We blocked the traffic with our vehicle and caught this little boy of just five weeks young. It has been huge luck that Oreo has not been hit by a vehicle.

However, Oreo was ill and had bleeding and festering dermatitis all over his body. His pain was real. After he has been treated he recovered very well.

Many people in Bali dump their pets when they become sick and 'ugly'. The reasons are mostly that they eighter do not know, that many illnesses can be treated or they cannot afford veterinary treatments. In addition animals do not have the same standard as loved pets and family members as mostly known in the western world. With our education program we create awarness to educate people about the relationship between animals and humans to prevent such cases.

After two months with us Oreo has been fully recovered and was ready for his first vaccination. Very sadly, he caught the deadly distemper virus. This can happen, but is extremely rare. It has been the first time to us in all those years we care for dogs and cats. We tried to safe Oreo, but when the virus attacked his central nervous system, we had to take the heart breaking decision to release him from the pain. Oreo was still a kid, full of life and had just recovered so well. We are grateful though that this lovely boy was at least able to experience love and affection. Even if just for a short time. We love you naughty boy!

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