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Rescue: July 2014

Diagnosis: Malnutrition, Skin Infection

Mandi when just rescued
Mandi before
Mandi after rescue_in the clinic


Mandi has been rescued by two wonderful friends - Keri and Marisa. They have been volunteering for us as pet sitters.

On their daily dog walks, they saw a little girl that had been dumped on the beach. Unfortunately, she always ran far away when they tried to approach her. Keri and Marisa asked a local veterinarian to help them catch the small starved animal. 

Mandi’s examinations at the vet showed that she, fortunately, did not have any serious diseases. However, she was extremely malnourished and severely dehydrated. As a result of the malnutrition, Mandi had an accelerated periodontal disease and consequently lost teeth. In addition, her heart became too big for her small body which caused her to have water in her lungs. 

She had to be treated with regular beta-blockers to reduce the risk of cardiac arrhythmia or even a stoppage. 

Mandi was a small, timid dog weighing just 7 kilos at a normal weight. Surprisingly, she quickly began to trust people and loved getting cuddles or sitting on her carers laps. She was enjoying her new life and loved to play.

Sadly, Mandi was poisoned in May 2017. Together with another member of the pack - Bule - she ate a prepared bait in which poison was hidden. She was rushed to the vet but died minutes after arriving. We are heartbroken by what happened and we can't possibly understand how anyone could do such a cruel thing. Mandi may have been small but she left a large hole in our hearts. In memory of Mandi!

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