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Rescue: November 2016

Diagnosis: Malnutrition, Skin Disease, Parasites

Madu before 2
Madu after


Finally, three months after the rescue of his brother Susu, we have refound Madu (Susu and Madu = Indonesian meaning Milk and Honey). One morning on our dog walk...there he was, alone on the beach. He recognized his brohter. It has been a last minute rescue. Madu was so weak by then, that he did not even manage to walk back home with us. And it has only been a distance of about 2 kilometers. He had just no more energy left. Eliane carried him home. Including all the fleas that hopped happily on his body and in front of her face. Finally Madu and his brother Susu were back together and from that moment on inseparable.

Madu has been treated and nursed back to health. Today he is completely recovered and a happy mutt.

Susu and Madu both have the same loving nature. They are such brothers. The two were adopted in February 2018. We are so happy that they could stay together.

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