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Rescue: April 2016

Diagnosis: Parasites, Dumped puppy of only 1 month young



​​Canggu has been separated and dumped at a very young age of only one month. Luckily, he has been dumped on our door step.

It has been a rainy morning when we heard those puppy cries for help at 6am. When we wanted to find out where those cries come from, we only had to open the front door. There he was, soaking wet squeezing his tiny body against the door. 

We took Canggu in, dried his wet fur and fed him some jummy food. Soon after he fell asleep in a warm dog bed. The same day a dear friend - Veky - came to visit us for a holiday. It has been love at first sight and Veky knew that she will adopt Canggu and take him back home to Switzerland.

During the following days we have been spending hours and hours to pick out ticks from Canggu's small body. There were hundreds...

The following months were followed by health check-ups, blood titre test and getting the papers for Canggu's export adoption ready. Finally in November 2016 Canggu was flying fo his forever home.

Canggu is very loved by his parents, Veky and Renato. He makes lots of friends on his daily walks and he loves Swiss summer just as much as the snow in the winter. Canggu could not have found a more perfect home!

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