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All our rescues are fully recovered, re-socialized, fully vaccinated and sterilized.

We are looking for homes with responsible and loving owners.


We also adopt overseas to countries with well implemented animal protection laws. Contact us for more info.


Name:       SUSU & MADU
Age:          5 years
Gender:    Both males


SUSU & MADU are brothers. They have been rescued together and they are inseparable since day 1. We are looking for a loving home where they can stay together.

The brothers do not only look very similar, they also both have the same sweet and loving character. They are very cuddly with their humans as well as with each other.


Name:       BUBUR
Age:          3 years
Gender:    Male

BUBUR is a very smart and strong boy. He loves to learn new commands and he loves to be around his humans. Bubur is super truper cuddly and he can’t get enough of fetch games. He loves to play with other dogs when outside, but at home he wants to be the only one and his humans to himself.

Adopt Bejo

Name:       BEJO
Age  :        3 years
Gender:    Male

BEJO, handsome Bejo! He is such a good looking Kintamani boy. He is very affectionate but he needs a bit of time to get to know his care takers. He might be a bit skeptical at the beginning but once he opened up he won’t leave your side.


Name:       MACAN
Age:          3 years
Gender:    Male

MACAN, how many times have we been laughing because of you? He is such a silly boy. Macan loves to play with toys and other dogs. He is very social and super easy with strangers. Oh and he can’t get enough love from his humans, but in return will give you so much affection too. He has the softest fur one can imagine.


Name:       BROWNIE
Age:          3 years
Gender:    Female

Brownie our howler. Oh yes, she loves to howl when she is happy. It’s that super cute and funny little noise she makes, when we come home or when we prepare to go for walks. Whenever she is excited she howls. Brownie is super sweet and funny. But she needs time to trust and get to know people. Once she bonded, she will be your best friend and companion.


Name:       BELLA
Age:          2 years
Gender:    Female

BELLA the cat lover! She is absolutely mad about our cats. Playing with them and licking them is one of her favorite thing to do. She is very food focused and would do almost anything for food. Yes, she learns commands super fast, especially if she gets a treat after. We also call Bella the forever puppy face. This has two reasons: 1. Because she just has that super cute puppy face. 2. Because she is such a puppy. Playful, funny and cuddly.


Name:       COCO
Age:          1.5 year
Gender:    Male


WhatsApp Image 2020-03-14 at

Coco has been adopted by Vera and Guido and since March 2020 he lives a great life with them in Switzerland.

Name:       LINA
Age:          2 years
Gender:    Female


Lina found a new home in January 2018 with Danielle, Anthony, and their other dog Putih.

Name:       CANGGU
Age:          7 months
Gender:    Male


Canggu was adopted by Veky and Renato and is now living in Switzerland since November 2016.

Name:       MANIS
Age:          1.5 year
Gender:    Female


Together with her sister Kecap, Manis was adopted in April 2015 by Verena and Bokir.

Name:       KECAP
Age:          1.5 year
Gender:    Female


Together with her sister Manis, Kecap was adopted in April 2014 by Verena and Bokir.

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