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Rescue: June 2014

Diagnosis: Fracture Rib and Pelvis, Parasites, Malnutrition, Skin Disease

Bobby before_already after about 2 months of being cared for
Bobby before_sorry could not get a better pic_could not get close to him


One day, out of nowhere, Bobby appeared around our home. He has been limping, was very skinny and his weak body was covered in bleeding wounds.

Bobby has been extremely timid. If someone appraoched him he has been running far away. For months we have been feeding him daily. We laid down his food and had to leave that he would go anywhere near it. Over time, we reduced the distance between the spot of his meal and our house. Until one day we could lure Bobby all the way into the house. That's when we could shut the door close behind him. Finally we could get the veterinary come over to help with catching and getting him the so needed treatments.


Up to this date Bobby is still a sensitive dog but once he trusts someone he is extremely loyal. He enjoys big respect by his pack as he made it up to the well deserved alpha male position. Bobby lives and will always have his home with us. Giving him up for adoption would be seriously disturbing for him. He is a dog that needs lots of affection, love, security and structure.

The 'before' pictures we have of Bobby are not very good as by then he did not allow us close enough. Those pictures were even taken some weeks after his actual rescue. But we hope his amazing transformation can still be seen.

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